Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Calculate and increase the metabolism of the home base

A new friend  asked me about ways to increase and  metabolism at home. Good idea for a new post!

First let's understand what the Basal Metabolism. It 'is defined as the calories that our body develops Resting (awake but relaxed) at a neutral ambient temperature and in the absence of food for 12 hours.

In this state, what your body uses calories at is your Basal Metabolism. It represents about 70% of your total calorie consumption.

These data clearly vary depending on several factors. Let's see in detail:
  1. Age factor: from 60 years onwards decreases of 8-9% every 10 years but can be filled by a suitable (light and with medical supervision) physical activity.
  2. Sex: men compared with women on an equal weight, age and activities have a higher caloric intake.
  3. Body temperature: with the increase of 1 degree in temperature increases the metabolism of 10-12% (this can be useful supplements that stimulate thermogenesis, such as Green Tea)
  4. Outside Temperature: lowering of the temperature increases the metabolism. And vice versa.
  5. Diet and Nutrition Habits: Undoubtedly one of the most significant factors (about 10%). In particular, there are foods that can help improve the metabolism. For example, the proteins have a higher caloric intake for their digestion and absorption.
  6. Lean mass: higher% of lean body mass increases your metabolism, simply because to "keep" the mass itself increases the calorie consumption.
  7. Physical Activity: Physical Activity There are subjecting your body to fatigue, which consequently increases the calorie consumption. Regular physical activity accounts for 20-30% of the total metabolic consumption. Of course, not all activities consume anyway. On this link you can calculate your metabolic rate depending on the subject of your weight and time of execution.
  8. Other minor factors: drug use, pregnancy (slight increase), anxiety states.

In summary: If you want to affect the amount of calories consumed each day you can act more "easily" with the Physical Activity and Nutrition.

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