Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Supplements of minerals throughout the year?

Since both James Patrizia today I have asked the same question, maybe you should care about it ...

They asked me: "Dietary supplements of minerals really need all year round or just use them during the change of season or at particular times of the year?"

Beyond all the opinions and viewpoints that can be found according to the "convenience" of the answer given, try to understand what common sense tells us.

Let's ask ourselves ... What can serve as a mineral supplement? Not enough to eat a little 'fruit and vegetables?

The answer is .. YES e. .. NO!

Yes, in theory, NO if we study the practice. The practice tells us that 2 factors are decisive for the diet of people: food habits, the quality of food.

Consider the first factor. According to the "Mediterranean diet" we should eat 4-6 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.

Oh I'm sorry J. .. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

Oh I'm sorry J. .. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables of different colors.

So ... EVERY DAY I HAVE TO EAT 4-6 SERVINGS OF FRUITS AND / OR VEGETABLES (in season) THAT HAS DIFFERENT COLORS (which have different antioxidant)? That's right. EVERY day.

* Since 2000, we now know that some fruits, vegetables and grains have lost their nutritional value. Dieticians and nutritional experts tell us that these foods have lost 50% of nutrients. Why? Simple. Are collected in advance (not mature and poor nutrient base), are kept in cold storage for days / weeks / months and then are sold in supermarkets (other-day waiting period before being eaten) and then we bring them to home (where they rest comfortably in the fridge). So they lost, at best, 50% of the nutritional values.

So what?

By 1 +1 ... EVERY DAY I HAVE TO EAT 8-10 servings of fruits and / or fresh vegetables (in season) THAT HAS DIFFERENT COLORS (which have different antioxidant)?

That's right ... EVERY day.

And if I do not? No problem, you will not die tomorrow!

But over time you will begin to notice the first symptoms of deficiency, hair and nails that break, the skin is too dry or too fat, overweight or underweight, fatigue and weakness, constipation or diarrhea, dull skin, etc. etc. ...

Perhaps now you understand why we need supplements of vitamins and minerals. All day.

I personally like the food-based natural and herbal. We understand if you can read the label not only what vitamins / minerals have, but the origin, the ingredients which are derived from the same vitamins and minerals.

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