Thursday, January 12, 2012

Calculation of Individual Ideal Weight

Note 1: Excess Underweight. You probably exaggerated a diet or not eating enough. In some cases there is also the possibility of excess metabolism or hyperthyroidism. In the latter case, get help from a doctor. However, if you know it's a food problem follow the directions of the Mediterranean diet and helped with some protein-based nutritional supplement (preferably soy) to rebuild your lean body mass. Request our Free Weekly Food Plan for some ideas.

Note2: VERY thin. As in the note above have different weight (lean body mass) to be repurchased. The ideal solution, as well as a diet as similar as possible to the Mediterranean diet, is to help with natural plant-based protein supplements.

Note3: You are skinny. You are probably one of those who envy all that he may eat all you want and not get fat even with a whole cow! I understand that you want to improve your fitness. Even without muscles are not that great ... I know from personal experience. In addition to trying to eat better and to prefer proteins, you may also help with a protein food supplement that will help you build lean muscle.

Note4: perfect shape. Are you happy with where you stand? If the answer is yes, do not read further. If you are in perfect shape at the table, but you're not on the physical level because you have some Kiletto put in the wrong places, maybe you just want to "tone up". In this case you could use some meal replacement to replace the too-hasty-meals-and-calorie you do, or think you would drink more green tea to speed up a bit 'your metabolism and burn more. Finally, a run a day keeps the handles of the way ... :-) To stay in shape you may follow our Weekly Food Plan Free

Nota5: slightly overweight. Localized fat on your stomach? On the sides? Thighs? On the buttocks? Perhaps this article might be useful and you may also follow our Weekly Food Plan Free. Also, if you lose a few extra kilo you can read the article on meals or substitute items on the Green Tea

Nota6: STRONG overweight. How much are you overweight? 10kg? More? Remember that fat, especially when it comes to visceral fat (around the internal organs) is really harmful. This video explains why you Quark.

Nota7: Obesity HIGH. It is now urgent that you do something. NOW. Do not let any more time. Did you know that obesity is the leading cause of heart attacks, strokes and even cancer? You absolutely have to get started TODAY. Sign up to receive our Weekly Food Plan Free. Referral to a specialist. Buy a meal plan based on nutritional supplements and meal replacements before the situation has reached a point of no return!

Nota8: Obesity "OUT OF CONTROL!" Same as above. With an aggravating circumstance. Are you even closer to heart attack and stroke! Hurry up to take control of the situation! Turn to those who can help you! Sign up to receive our Weekly Food Plan Free.


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