Monday, January 9, 2012

The green tea to burn fat and lose weight

It 'true that green tea helps burn fat stored in the body?
Let's understand the motivations that have led millions of people around the world to adopt this drink as a "drink-save-under-a-fault" ...

3 slices of Sachertorte eating, then drink 1 liter of green tea to burn fat you have accumulated is of little use!

The first step in a physical form is the power to scream. You can help with dietary supplements that can support your diet with meal replacements for acellerarla but you can not hope to do all the green tea!

According to remember to do a little every day 'rate of movement at low speed (a fast walk is better than a grueling race for fat burning).

It 'also true that the University of Geneva in a recent study found that the catechins contained in green tea helps to increase 4% of the daily consumption of calories ...

In addition, a team of researchers at the University of Medicine in Berlin showed that green tea is able to trigger a process to burn fat. This study, published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, shows that consumption of green tea is able to improve by 33% the oxidation process (ie the process that "burns") of fat.

So what to do?
Well, we know that green tea is rich in antioxidants. We know that power has an excellent drainage. And 'a low-calorie beverage (fewer than 10 per cup, if you do not add sugar). And more should raise the body temperature of something and let us burn more ...

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