Monday, January 9, 2012

Traditional low-calorie diet to lose weight

Does it work? Sure! Ask yourself ... "I'm on a desert island and only had to eat all day and drink coconut water source, you will lose weight?" Sure! The problem, however, are the sacrifices ... and health impacts.
In fact, you already know as you read these few lines to run a low-calorie diet should ensure that the heat input (= eat) are lower than those consumed (burnt =).

But how difficult is it to give up everything. How difficult is getting up from the table still hungry after half an hour and try not to think about the rumbling in the stomach ... And if you can, with iron discipline to resist, you're already creating two situations that will lead you to regain your lost Kili. In fact decreasing the calories you eat, you are also pointing to your body that there is less fuel to burn and then, with the passage of time, you risk a lower metabolism. Another problem is the lack of nutrition.

For years dietitians and nutritionists remind us that food has lost much of its nutritional value. It is estimated that fruit, vegetables and cereals have lost 50% of the nutritional value * due to intensive cultivation, harvesting early and long-life industrial and home.

So ... if the foods are already depleted of nutrients, and I cut the amount it provoked? Additional nutritional deficiencies. Which over time can be hazardous to health and otherwise put the body in a state of "perpetual hunger" which led him to ask more supplies (hunger, hunger, hunger) and bring it to accumulate reserves (fat) for those who want to lose unwanted weight. This is not a way to lose weight fast.

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